Smash Boxes Sydney: the perfect gift!

At some point, we all need to think of the perfect gift, that’s why Smash Boxes Sydney exist. They are incredible details that can make a difference because of their great originality.

You can find them for all kinds of occasions, they are totally personalized, so each one is authentic. So if you are looking for a simple, practical and out-of-the-ordinary gift, you have come to the right place because here we will show you everything.

Decorative Smash Sydney Boxes
When we talk about them, we are not referring to the typical Smash Boxes, but to the ones used to surprise our loved ones. They combine different elements that result in a surprising detail.

To obtain their spectacular designs, their creators use elements such as roses, candies, chocolate bonbons, colored balloons and transparencies, acetates and above all the spectacular surprise boxes.

All the details can be crushed inside them, so that when the person opens the box he/she can take the surprise with him/her. Besides that, they adapt to any requirement, which makes them ideal for any occasion.

Smash Sydney Box Ideas for Any Occasion
Many are the excuses we often come up with to celebrate anything. Even apologizing and wanting to make amends for a mistake can also be an excellent idea.
In this sense, the great thing about Smash Boxes Sydney is that they meet all these needs and more. Let’s see what they are all about!

Types of Smash Boxes

  • Anniversary: for this occasion, you will find the Smash Heart box candy, they are very original because inside there is a white chocolate heart filled with more surprises.
  • For the baby: whether to welcome a new member of the family or for their first birthday, the filled balloons are ideal. First because inside you can see smaller colorful balloons, second because they give the sensation that they are floating.
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day: of course our parents can’t be left out and for these celebrations there is also a Smash Box Sydney with balloons and crushed candy.
  • Gift boxes: inside there are roses and chocolate chocolates, you can even opt for a cake pop box or a magnetic box to include money in the surprise.
  • Pop-up balloons: they are used to make the decoration even more wonderful, with them your room will look simply stunning. Ideal to apologize to your favorite person.
  • Valentine’s Day: the day of lovers can not be overlooked and for this there are beautiful Smash Box Sydney that can bring bottles of wine, helium balloons and candy.

These are some of the motifs you can find to give your loved one the perfect gift. Smash Boxes meet all requirements and suit all personalities.

What is the price of Smash Boxes in Sydney?
The good news is that there is variety in all prices, it all depends on a few factors to determine:

  1. Size: there are larger boxes that may take a little more work and stuffing than the smaller ones
  2. Materials to be used: you can choose between magnetic or transparent boxes, the former may be a little more expensive.
  3. Time: some gifts require more time and details than others.
    What you want to add inside: it is not the same to put roses and chocolates, or chocolate-covered strawberries next to a good bottle of wine, these prices can always vary.

In the end, whatever you choose, you can easily adapt it to your budget. The most important thing is that you manage to surprise the person you love with these interesting Smash Boxes.

Smash Heart


Customisable Smash Heart Box comes with a choice of lollies or chocolate. Best gift for announcements, graduations or just to tell someone you love them.

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Smash Heart Box Treat


The customised smash box treat, that comes with 6 chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped pretzels and mixed lollies or chocolate underneath the heart.

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Valentines Smash Heart


Valentines Smash Heart❤️ The only heart you should be smashing!! This smash heart comes with 5 Macarons of the day, chocolated coated pretzel and ferrero rochers.

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O.G Smash Heart Box


The customised smash heart box treat, comes with a variety of treats displayed (different lollies and chocolates may be used due to stock), underneath comes with chocolates or lollies.

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Kinder Smash Box


Kinder Smash box comes with a variety of kinder chocolates and underneath comes with your choice of mixed lollies, mixed chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries.

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Kids Christmas Treats


Little Sweet Tooth Box comes with a variety of lollies and chocolate. Perfect Christmas Treat for the kids.

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Strawberry Lover


We coat our strawberries with white chocolate, if you would like milk or dark chocolate please let us know before placing an order.

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